About AC Works LLC

A Brief History

In 1999 AC Works started with the hopes of providing PC and network services for local small business. The software development and hosting started later that year when customers began asking for solutions that were not readily available at an affordable price. The PC and network services never gained momentum but software development started to take off. Since then, our focus has been to provide affordable Web hosting plans along with data and custom backend development primarily for web designers and their clients.

Origins of Geo Redundant Hosting

Years of development and server management lead to the creation of the Geo Redundant Hosting Platform - a Windows based shared-hosting solution that minimizes downtime by replicating web sites to servers in different parts of the country. It continuously monitors each application and alerts us to take corrective action when a problem is detected. We can genuinely offer reliable Web hosting because there is no single point of failure, not even the datacenter. The Geo Redundant Hosting Platform allows business owners, web designers and developers to focus on what they do best without becoming a 24-hour operation due to hosting responsabilities.

Our Business Philosophy

We are small by design. This allows us to concentrate on providing quality services to a relatively small customer base. This has proven to be a winning strategy for both customers and AC Works.

Our goal is to reduce your risks and concerns while offering customizable and affordable Web hosting plans. Your company and customers' websites are the core of your business and you need a partner who is proactive and gives you the tools to ensure your customers' sites are safe. Give our reliable Web hosting a try and see if we are the right fit for your company.


"My experience with AC Works has been nothing short of tremendous. The technical support is excellent, and I have experienced no down time for my web sites in over two years of service."

~ Tom Stypulkoski, President
Kinesics LLC

"[AC Works] has been hosting multiple web sites for us for over a year and during that time we've never experienced any down time. We are very happy with the reliability of their service."

~ Doug Hughey, COO
Advance Design Interactive

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